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Thank you for contributing to Fandom 4 Children. Please read over the guidelines for your submissions before filling out the sign up form below.

  • Work from any fandom is welcome. Original works of fiction or poetry are accepted as well. However, please make sure that all submissions are new one shots, futuretakes, outtakes, alternative POVs, etc., and not something previously published elsewhere.
  • We welcome submissions with any rating, from K to M/NC-17, we do ask though that you make sure your piece is rated appropriately.
  • Please make sure your work is beta'd before submitting it. 
  • Submissions should be a minimum of 1500 words. There is no maximum word limit on submissions.
  • You are more than welcome to donate more than one submission, just make sure you sign up for each one separately so that we can keep track of each submission.
  • Especially since this is a compilation raising awareness/funds for child abuse organizations, please do not include rape, pedophilia, incest, bestiality, or abuse (especially of children) in your submission. 
  • Submissions & banners if you have one to go with your piece, must be emailed to by April 1, 2012.
  • We will be posting teasers from your submissions to the blog so that the people who donate can get a glimpse of what they are receiving for their donation. If you have a specific teaser you would like posted, please send it along with your banner if you have one to by March 10, 2012, or if you do not have a specific teaser in mind, the admins for Fandom 4 Children will choose one upon receiving your submission for inclusion in the compilation.
  • If you have a banner made for your submission, please make sure you include your banner makers email address when you send us your submission so that we can send them a copy of the compilation as well.
  • Any work submitted to the Fandom 4 Children compilation MAY NOT be posted/published anywhere else (, twilighted, ADF, TWCS, livejournal, blogger, etc) until June 1, 2012.

Please be sure to use the following heading on your submissions:

Author Name
Word Count
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